WEBER Hickory Wood Chips 0,7 kg

Product code: 17624*

Leave room for smoking experiments – try the hard aroma of chicky shavings! THE sharp, intense aromas of WEBER Hickory wood will certainly enhance the taste of red and white meat, which will best be used for smoking pork, beef, lamb, game and chicken.

Remember to soak the shavings in the water before smoking. You should soak for at least half an hour, but the longer you soak, the better the scent of shavings reveals.

WEBER Whiskey Wood Chips 0,7 kg

Product code: 17627*

Intense. Strong. Universal. The aromas with a note of stored whiskey will be of great use when boiling chicken, pork, beef, lamb, game meat, or even vegetables. 100% of natural WEBER Whiskey wood shavings stand out with intense but not depressing smoke. If you want to ensure an effective smoking process, immerse the particles in water for at least half an hour before use.

WEBER Apple Wood Chips 0,7 kg

Product code: 17621*

The perfect for smoking chicken, pork, fish, vegetables and cheeses ARE WEBER Apple’s wood chips with a delicate sweet fruit flavour.

WEBER Hickory Wood Chunk 0,7 kg

Product code: 17619*

Looking for a long-remembered scent of smoke? Choose the hang. These pieces of wood are ideal for smoking red and white meat – chicken, pork, beef, lamb or game meat.

WEBER Wood chip blend, beef 0,7 kg

Product code: 17663*

A blend of hazelnuts, leaf-wood and fruit-tree shavings OF WEBER wood for beef with a strong, intense, sharper taste and aroma is ideal for smoking beef fillets, roasts, beef breasts, hamburgers and other dishes.

WEBER Wood chip blend, pork 0,7 kg

Product code: 17664*

Give the pig’s ribs, ham, or roast slightly more intense aromas of frosted leaf trees and fruit trees – gradually but powerfully!

WEBER Wood chip blend, seafood 0,7 kg

Product code: 17665

The blend of wood shavings from leaf trees and fruit trees for seafood with sweet fruit flavours will best be used for smoking salmon, mackerel, shrimp and other seafood

WEBER Weber Smoking Poultry Blend

Product code: 17833*

A blend of WEBER wood shavings for poultry meat with a softly sweet aroma is ideal for smoking chicken, chicken fillets, breasts, hamburgers, or vegetables.

Western Red Cedar Wood Planks

Product code: 17831*

WEBER Briquettes 4 kg, 8 kg

Product code: 17590* ; 17591*

Pressed coal briquettes WEBER Briquettes burn both longer and hotter. Briquettes are heated in 20 minutes and heat is maintained for up to three hours. With one briquette, you can bake both ribs and steak, fish, vegetables, or whole chicken.

WEBER Charcoal Lumpwood 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg

Product code: 17824* ; 17825*; 17826*

Charcoal WEBER Lumpwood, made from beech, birch, and oak, lights up in 15 minutes. 100% natural. Burns for an hour reaches 180 °C heat. The food will be given the unquestionably special taste and aroma of smoke: the charcoal WEBER Lumpwood has returned from responsibly managed forests to which the FSC’s certificate has been issued.

Charcoal WEBER Lumpwood Charcoal is ideal for baking all kinds of meat, fish, and vegetables

WEBER Lighter Cubes

Product code: 17612*

Start the ignition process with a good start – turn on the charcoal grill with WEBER burning cubes. Just light up a couple of environmentally friendly burn cubes and put on top a cooling starter with briquettes. As a result, briquettes are ignited quickly, safely, and without the use of chemical ignition fluids.

WEBER Lighter Cubes

Product code: 17945*

When you burn charcoals with fire cubes, you never do it differently. The fire cubes have your chance to fire quickly, ash-free and environmentally safe charcoal. Even in windy or humid times, cubes will illuminate and ignite the rest of the charcoals in a few seconds without the scent or taste of the choking fluids that damage your food.