Wagner GmbH was founded in Germany in 1953. The company makes and develops color-spraying systems. The company aims to create user-friendly wall-painting technology. Since founding, Wagner has developed an alternative to a simple brush or color roll — a paint spray that saves time and enhances the quality of the surface coating. Today Wagner is recognizable thanks to surface-painting technologies that use paint, moist, and powder coats.

For industry, we offer technologically advanced equipment and systems for liquid coatings, powder coatings, and different colors on surfaces. Contractors use our reliable and economic tools with outstanding technology, including lightless machines for applying paint, coating, and stucco. For enthusiasts, what can be done on their own, WAGNER has developed a wide range of user-friendly home-improvement products.

By exploiting our innovations and our very efficient, reliable, and user-friendly and superior solutions, we set new standards in surface technologies – and by doing so, the latest technologies will have to bring real benefits to our customers.

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