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STANLEY ® tools are manufactured, at the highest standards and are carefully tested, so we are confident in their quality and effectiveness.

Since 1843, we have established a standard of excellence throughout what we do. No company on the globe has a stronger, more compelling history of offering innovative and powerful tools that help users around the world to be the best in their work.

Stanley’s mission is to help people stand out by unlocking their potential and helping to do every job better than the previous one. Whether it would be to work faster, cut more sharply, or hit harder, we help them to be the best, creating the best tools ever created. STANLEY inspires everything to be improved, to create something new, and to help people stand out – that is a performance in action – that is the promise of our brand STANLEY.

STANLEY manufacturers know that users of professional tools, around the world, have more respect for one another’s views than what the manufacturer has said. That is why we ask people who use our tools every day to express an objective view of the convenience and use of the instruments.

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