Today, Mirka is a world-renowned international company with more than 30 patents for grinding products. The company has its own branches with factories in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America and South America, and head office in Finland.

The company’s slogan “Quality from Start to End” tells its customers a lot – anyone who will try Mirka’s production will be happy about its quality and efficiency.

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“Mirka” is a leader in the manufacture of abrasive paper, abrasive mesh, abrasive film, and grinding tools. The whole range of offers is designed for surface handling and polishing without dust. The Mirka Power Tools chapter develops and produces highly developed polishing and grinding equipment that provides the user with excellent efficiency and ergonomics.

In 1949 Anni Aulo founded Mirka in Helsinki, Finland. The company suffered from the technical challenges of wartime and began to grow rapidly. Many products of Mirka were exported to Britain, the United States, and Iceland in the early 1960 s. In 1969 “Mirka” began producing self-adhesive grinding discs. This product group remains the most important in the company’s range.

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