Leyland Trade would like things to be simple. So we have focused our range on affordable prices, providing everything we need to be able to do a good job. Leyland Trade is a strong, established and trusted company. Leyland Trade has built a reputation for delivering the highest-quality color for more than 90 years.

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All started in 1922, Leyland Paints was one of the first producers to develop emulsion colors for different homeowners. The introduction of leytex’s watercolor marked significant progress in color technology, and the trade quickly adopted it. It was one of the first truly modern colors, and the Super Leytex Matt emulsion today remains a well-bought color.

A year sells enough Leyland Trade paint to cover 340 million square meters of surface – it equals 48,000 football plots. During the Second World War, Leyland Paints made all of its contributions to the war effort, shifting most of its paint production to the supply of colors to the army and government.

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