PPG is one of the oldest producers of paints and varnishes in Europe. Its origins have already been found in Holland in 1722. Today, PPG is the world’s second-largest manufacturing company for chemical dyes and other products. In many countries, including Europe, woodworking companies have been using PPG products for more than 20 years. For example, the production of water-based color protection systems for windows and doors.

The painting systems developed by the PPG will satisfy any customers’ desire for modern matching wooden windows and doors. The PPG dyeing system for wooden windows and doors includes both tree impregnation, primer, interlayer, and super layer.

A combination of different products creates a coating that will provide the best protection for wood chemicals and UV-beams, which in turn will allow the original look of wooden windows and doors to be preserved after they have been made and painted. These products must be covered by both spraying and immersion and float methods.

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