Our company, HG International B. V., is a Dutch company with its subsidiaries in different countries where we employ more than 200 specialists in full-time. Our headquarters and production plant are in Almer, the new, dynamic, and fast-growing provincial city of Flevoland. Our place of activity provides ample opportunities for ambitious ambitions and targets: for example, more than 300 different HG products are produced in our factory, reaching millions of satisfied customers in more than 45 countries.

The letters HG in the company name are the first letters of the name and surname of Swedish businessman Håkan Gip. In the early 60 s of the last century, he produced a number of high-quality cleaning products developed at Stockholm University, originally intended for swimming pools.

Intensive development and testing of all these products take place in our technology and research department, which we call “our laboratory” at the company, where the latest technologies are used. We are also constantly testing all raw materials and semi-finished products to ensure HG products meet our high-quality standards. We’re a great specialist!

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Our Department of Technology and Research collects information about the latest legislation in countries where our products are marketed. By identifying the changes, we ensure that our labeling system is adapted accordingly, for example. Changes to the graphic design and composition of all our labels are made on-site in the company, our computer department.

In HG, we cannot only talk about the production department, because this term will not be complete without accounting for all the sub-sections, each of which has its own specialization and which are participating in the creation of HG products. In fact, we can talk about the chapters listed below. The Department of Automated Manufacturing Processes makes liquid products using formulas developed by the Department of Technology and Research. High-quality raw materials are mixed and processed to become one of our many finished products. The manufacture of powdered products takes place in another chapter.

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