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DeWalt is a world-renowned company with nearly 80 years of experience in producing high-quality electrical tools to meet the needs of today’s construction specialists. The quality of this brand is characterized by qualities such as reliability, precision, power, and endurance.

DeWalt takes care not only of quality excellence but also of the environment, health, and safety. This is achieved through a variety of process improvements, the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and pollution controls in more than 100 countries and manufactured in 36 factories.

Why choose DeWalt?

On average, we do annual surveys among 20,000 DeWALT users, who form part of our product development process. Our excellent understanding of the type of user’s work allows us to create products with specifications that the users themselves expect. In order to ensure better support for the users and industry of our instruments, DeWALT continuously introduces and develops innovative products in a number of categories. This excellent approach leads to improvements in new instruments. DeWALT uses independent rating service Reevoo, which collects objective information from construction industry professionals about DeWALT’s tooling habits.

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  • Powerful perforators with high shock force and low vibration levels;
  • Innovative reinforcement systems that ensure reliability even in extreme circumstances; dusting systems that increase drilling speed and protect the user from harmful dust;
  • Robust and rapid drilling machines capable of drilling different sizes, ideal for anchoring;
  • Modular box systems intended for use on different construction sites.

DeWalt guarantees that combining all these elements ensures higher efficiency at work places.

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