Chrisal products are produced only from 100% naturally active ingredients and enriched with active probiotics. Products have a very positive effect on humans and animals. Chrisal products are anti-allergic and significantly reduce the risk of allergies and infections.

Using probiotic cleaners will make your house healthier, with a biologically perfect microflora in it. Thus, reducing the risk of allergens and infections, as well as actively preventing the formation of bad odors. Unhealthy microflora on our body is the cause of a variety of ailments and diseases, such as fungi, blows, body odor, and infections. The daily use of PROBISANA probiotic personal hygiene products will ensure healthy body microflora. PROBISANA improves and restores the microflora of the skin, thanks to 100% of natural ingredients, and promotes general well-being.

Often, animal care poses a series of challenges or problems, both for professional animal keepers (zoos, livestock farming, horticulture, etc.) and for pet owners. Most of the problems are closely related to micro-organisms or microbes. For decades, we used human bactericidal products (disinfectants), assuming they would solve the problem.

In recent years, however, it is becoming increasingly clear to us from the media and scientific literature that regular use of these aggressive products creates drug-resistant superbugs that are almost impossible to control.

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